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I don't think fandoms are an accurate way to really measure anything, especially not violent/antisocial tendencies or the likeliness of developing those as a result of exposure to media. Like minds have a tendency to congregate, and in anything and everything there are going to be those who consider themselves superior to others. Competition doesn't bring out the best in a lot of people, and that is not limited to just video games.

I have no experience with the online community with Call of Duty so I can't speak for its general temperament, but I can say that there are other games that do not have as much of a reputation for being violent where you can be met with hostility if you aren't as proficient a player as some, or have an opinion that the majority disagrees with. I've had some truly horrible experiences playing as a Paladin in FFXIV in the past when I've made some mistakes, for example. When you think "violent video games" that probably isn't one of the first that comes to mind.

But considering how large the player base for games with online multiplayer often are, judging the many by the actions of a few doesn't seem particularly fair; it's not indication of violence as a whole. If anything, all it shows is that there are people who take these things very seriously, and nothing else...and in a competitive environment, isn't that natural? It might not be healthy or particularly nice, but it's not unnatural or unusual.
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