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    Originally Posted by Tomackze View Post
    Electabuzz evolves to Electivire at level 40. Though don't go higher as there is a level bug that brings its level back if you do
    Really? I think that bug is fixed, isn't it? I just handed mine the Exp. Share today and it went to Lv.42. It was at Lv.40 when I saw it in my PC; I don't recall whether I stuck it in there at that level or whether I put it right in the PC. If it returns to Lv.40, I'll have to be done with that one.

    That aside, I'm back to my walkthrough writing, and I have it finished up to the Gym battle in Snowce City (that is next). Then comes Route 415 and everything after that. I was surprised there wasn't an HM in Snowce - in fact, nothing of interest except the Sinnoh starters and a future trade - but what can ya do? :)

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