Seen October 23rd, 2018
Posted October 20th, 2018
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Hey Tyranitar! Happy to see you in the shop.
Here is the list of mons I found that I'm missing in your shop:
Steelix (M)
Roserade (F)
Garchomp (F)
Hippowdon (M)

I was hoping it would be more for ya! If you have any events I don't have, I would definitely be interested. Let me know which ones from your list you would for sure want.
And of course I can clone your mons and trade you back the original! No problem.
I should be free my Saturday night MST and Sunday afternoon.
Saturday night sounds good :)
7 mons right? I'll pick the first seven in my interested list :) If that's okay with you :)
Sadly I only have few event pokemon for now, I'll try to make offers again if I get my hands on some others :)
Also have no markers in my list to determine which ones are event mons, I'll try editing it if I have time :D