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Posted October 19th, 2017
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That is quite the goal you have there :)
My copy of Moon is in French, so I can send you some bred and caught Pokémon!
Do you have, by any chance, some Rareball Pokémon? (Balls is not specified in your Spreadsheet) Otherwise I can send you what I already have for free :3
Thanks, I started it in Y and I ended up ditching it to breed Pokemon instead >.>

Er, rareball Pokemon? I've been out of the loop since the release of Sun and Moon haha. If you mean stuff like Apricorn Ball and Beast Ball mons from Gen VII, I really don't have much.

I unhid my tab for my Ball list on the spreadsheet. However it's not updated for my copy of Sun (not that there is much anyhow). Hopefully you can find some stuff on it that you like?
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