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Originally Posted by Lunar Crescent View Post
Hey Everyone!
I was wondering, and this might be an interesting topic to talk about but, do you think Pokemon X/Y will be compatible with previous generations, for example Black/White and their sequels, or do you think they will draw a line because of all the new features it supposedly has, plus the extremely better graphics and the sprites, now being full 3D models, do you think we could trade between them? Discuss!
~ Lunar
Since the topic of migrating and compatibility go hand in hand and migrating Pokémon is likely to come up when discussing cross generation compatibility, I've merged your thread here.

I don't know if we'll be able to trade between fourth and fifth gen games with X and Y, but like mentioned, I believe migrating is probable. When you compare the first two generations with the third gen, the reason why they weren't compatible was because the GameBoy Color and the Advance were two completely different systems whereas the 3DS and the DS still share commonalities with one another.
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