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Based off of The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

GMed by Retro Bug



To the human eye the world has always remained the same with the exception of development and advancement of buildings, culture, civilization, and technology. The reason for that is most humans lack what is known as the Sight, the ability to see into the Shadow World where its inhabitants, Downworlders, Shadowhunters, and demons, have created their own civilization in human society. Humans who possess the Sight are rare, but can be employed to those that are apart of the Shadow World. All Shadowhunters naturally possess the Sight, as it allows them to break down any glamours demons and Downworlders may have. Shadowhunters are a race of humans who have angelic blood running through their veins and are sworn to protect humankind from the demon epidemic on Earth. Their thousand-year existence is due to a man, Jonathan Shadowhunter, who asked a warlock to summon the angel known as Raziel. He then begged the angel to save humanity against the horde of demons that had just invaded Earth. Raziel used a cup, later known to Shadowhunters as the Mortal Cup, to mix his blood with Jonathan's to create warriors now known as Shadowhunters or Nephilim. The angel Raziel also supplied them with the Mortal Sword and the Mortal Mirror and all three collectively are known as the Mortal Instruments. The brave men and woman who drank from the cup became Shadowhunters and so would their children, and their children's children and so on. These Shadowhunters were also gifted the first Gray Book, a book which held all the runes that Shadowhunters could mark on themselves to help them protect humankind. Downworlders are hybrid spawns of demons or a demon infection; they are the Children of Lilith or warlocks, Children of Lylic or faeries, Children of the Night or vampires, and Children of the Moon or werewolves.

It took centuries before Shadowhunters and Downworlders could even agree to form a peace treaty between the two. Some Shadowhunters thought Downworlders were a threat and not to be trust over their demon heritage/infection while Downworlders did not trust it as it might have been a ploy for the Shadowhunters to slaughter them unarmed. At last a peace treaty was struck in the 1860s, known as the Accords, which outlined the multiple laws that must be followed in order for the two parties to keep peace. The Clave thought that if they were to ever cease the increasing demons then they needed the Downworlders help. For the first century or so the peace treaty went smoothly, but then year after year more and more attitudes began to shift in the opposite direction. There were rumors swirling around that the Mortal Instruments were being abused in the hands of Shadowhunters on Downworlders in for their own agenda. The Mortal Instruments remained in the hands of Shadowhunters and are forbidden to grace the hands of Downworlders, which is due to their demon blood/infection. This caused a massive stirring among the Downworlders who were outraged that the Shadowhunters had weapons that they could and were willing to use on them yet they weren’t allowed to use them. A group of old friends and acquaintances, later coined as the Artifacts, composed of some of the highest members in the Downworlder society in New York came up with a dangerous plan to create their own instruments. With the increasing traffic of demons and how often they broke through the wards kept the Nephilim race quite busy, it was the perfect time to act on such a plan. In the year 1990 instead of conjuring the angel Raziel like Jonathan Shadowhunter they traveled down a darker path and summoned the Greater Demon Ixion, one of the princes of hell. He supplied them with the instruments now known as the Inferno Artifacts. First is the Inferno Key, which unlocks a great deal power within those with demon blood or infection so much in fact that if the user isn’t ready to control it they’ll die within mere seconds of the Unlocking. Second, the Inferno Lance, a sharp weapon that is used to cut through deception, if one lies while holding the Inferno Lance their soul will be cut in two. One will be sent to hell to be devoured by Ixion, while the other remains in the body; the half-soul person will spend the rest of their days half there falling in and out of consciousness. The whereabouts and knowledge of the third Artifact remain a mystery, as it is said that the Artifact took that secret with them to their graves. It is rumored to be a book of some sorts but what it did only the deceased know.

The Inferno Artifacts were immediately tested in New York’s Downworlder society, which unlike Nephilim whose society mostly existed in Idris had to remain solely in the human realm. To bring forth such devices in the Shadow World would only result in the Nephilim claiming betrayal and that it was a violation of the Accords. This is why the immediate usage of Inferno Artifacts was a must; outright war was in the distance future and it was only a matter of who told the Nephilim first. It took two full years before the Nephilim caught wind of these new instruments and they became afraid; due to the ever-present tension between the two societies they believed that the Downworlders would use the Inferno Key to start a war. In those two years they were much too busy focusing on the demon influx and as always were too indecisive to make a final decision and in that time the Downworlders prepared for war. The honor of how it was told is unknown, except to the person that did the deed. The governing body of the Shadow World, formally known as the Clave that resides in the Shadowhunter’s home country Idris, decided that they’d claim all instruments for the sake of peace by any means necessary. Fortunately, having had spies within the Shadowhunter ranks the Artifacts were well informed. The Mortal Sword, an instrument that forces the user to speak only the truth, was used to threatened many Downworlders who were brought before it with the death of their families at stake if they refused. It was decreed that any and all associated with the members of The Artifacts, whose names and location were found out, had kill on sight orders. The assassinations in 1992 began before the last Downworlder was even called before the Mortal Sword. In the chaos the Inferno Artifacts were hidden, also some of Children of the Artifacts, which are called the Children of the Artifacts regardless of their actual relation to them. Shadowhunters did manage to slaughter entire families they didn’t risk sparing children. Before each of the (Artifact) parents met their fate they had secured a caretaker for their children who they had already given instructions to guarantee the safety of their children and have their identity hidden from the rest of the Shadow World. Many assassinations were mistakes and this resulted in the death of many innocent Downworlders who knew nothing of the Artifacts plans. This sparked the Downworlders to revolt against such violence; after all they were still in possession of the Inferno Artifacts, which led them to stage their revenge. With the aid of warlocks and the spies they had within Downworlders managed to weasel their way into the Idris. A massacre of unknowing Shadowhunters happened that day. Though, the Nephilim managed to regroup and drive out the intruders there was only a few on each side survived without injuries. Later named The Scarlet Battle for copious of blood that stained the earth that day and can still be seen today. Somewhere amongst the chaos and death Shadowhunters retrieved two of the three Inferno Artifacts and now keep them in remote, secure locations.

Neither party made such a big play again, however with the Accords broken it meant what remained of the peaceful relationship had shattered. Hostility remains at an ultimate high, with scuffles and small skirmishes happening every now and then. Having two of the three Inferno Artifacts wasn’t good enough for Shadowhunters, they would only accept the war and renegotiate the Accords between Downworlders and Shadowhunters if and when they had them all. While the Downworlders had the opposite belief, saying they would sign the Accords and end the war once their artifacts were returned intact. A special division was formed and nicknamed the Treasure Hunters to track down the children of the Artifacts and bring them back to Idris by any means. It is still believed that the children hold the key or have knowledge of the final artifact. Most were slaughtered after they revealed what they knew, if they knew anything at all. Eventually the search yielded for a couple years, but was very recently picked up again after a younger Shadowhunter came up with a promising idea. The war in present day, as cold as it may be is still on going and is believe to come to a head again after a rather large clash between Downworlders and Shadowhunters happened in New York City in the last month. It is currently called the Unfixable War or Irredeemable War with both parties agreeing it has gone much too far to stop now. Some Downworlders have become spies for the Shadowhunters in exchange for money and the protection of their family. Most, if not all, Downworlders live in the shadows more than ever fearing for their safety as they walk the streets New York.


Be it child of Lilith, the Moon, the Night, or Lylic you are the last relation to the now assassinated members of the Artifacts whether that be (adopted) son, daughter, mentee or prodigy. Their secrets lay with you and so do their problems. The only protection they gave was in a form of a caretaker who may or may not have died along the way protecting you from the Shadowhunters. The name you hold now wasn't always the name you were called by, another way your parents protected you. You have encountered many sleepless nights; days spent on the run, and still haven't had the proper time to mourn the death or the murder of your parents. Every time you rest your head on a pillow they pop up in your dreams, they're a part of your every waking thought. Shadowhunters have been hunting you done for the past fifteen years, they're out for blood, and they most certainly want you dead. After stopping their search for the last couple years they are now eager to reclaim the last Inferno Artifact and have them permanently sealed away from those who aren't Shadowhunters. A simple envelope is all they left you, but for whatever reason it wouldn't budge, burn, rip, shred, and most importantly, open. However, on June 18th its seal unlocked and inside contained a letter with a personalized message from your parents to you, and at the bottom a date, time, and location. A simple question remains, do you have it in you to go on a journey throughout the city and beyond and to bring peace back to the Downworlder races?

Talented, remarkable, and victorious are true Shadowhunter qualities. You possess all three and even more, because of such traits and talent you have been prompted by the Inquisitor, one of the highest ranking members of the Clave, to join the special division. Responsibility as a Shadowhunter and a member of the Clave (and to avoid offending the Inquisitor, which would be a fate worse than death) has urged you to join despite the vague description you were given. The Inquisitor told you a fascinating tale about how you, one of the most promising Shadowhunters of your generation, might be able to succeed where others have failed and restore honor to the Nephilim, including the innocents ones that died that tragic day. Given that most Shadowhunters grow up and are trained in Alicante, Idris, the place where the battle occurred, chances are your family or someone very close to you died on that day. If not, stories of Downworlders have long been circulating as scary tales and retellings such The Scarlet Battle and have been passed from lips to ears for two decades. Whether or not it is time for you to finally avenge your fallen family or comrades or to see how your skills match up against the others who also said to be as powerful or better than you, the opportunity is too large to pass up. Upon acceptance you are told more gruesome details of how stronger demons than ever before have made their home on Earth, and it is up to you to not only find the Artifact children, but take on theses foes that have killed hundreds of your kind.

  1. If you have any questions or need any clarifications don't hestiate to ask me via PM/VM/Skype or in the THIS thread!
  2. This RP is Rated M but don't go overboard, alright?
  3. As GM I get the last say, so, basically my final statement is a commandment.
  4. Nobody's perfect (you just gotta work it!) so don't make your character perfect. People have flaws.
  5. No bunnying/Godmodding unless you are given permission by the person who controls the character. This doesn't go for certain NPCs I create, I will tell you when you're allowed to bunny them.
  6. For now I'm ONLY accepting FIVE on each side (doesn't include my characters). This is subject to change (so SIGN UP REGARDLESS OF NUMBER OF PEOPLE INTERESTED, OKAY?!)
  7. I do not do reservations. Just come and get your Sign-Up done as soon as possible.

Name: (Your real name)
Alias: (The name you've adopted)
Age: (Between 21 and 34 for Fair Folk/Werewolves/Warlocks; up to 50 for Vampires. Fair Folk/Warlocks/Vampires include the age your character looks.)
Race: (Fair Folk/Vampire/Werewolf/Warlock)
Location: (Where you last fled)
Appearance: (A description of you look like. For Werewolves describe your wolf form here. Fair Folk your glamour and non-glamour form. Warlock your demon mark.)
Personality: (How your character acts and has dealt with this whole ordeal.)
History: (The most important section. At some point your character parents/mentor/maker/etc moved them to New York by 1990, as that's when the Artifacts was formed if they weren't born in New York as it is. You must be born by 1992. Vampires/Werewolves need to include their transformation.)
Other: (Anything you want to mention. Since Warlocks have magic, Vampires/Werewolves have super strength/speed/shapeshifting/etc I’m allowing Fey to have one weapon of their choice so list that here if you want it.)
Roleplay Sample: (Link me to a previous RP post to give me an example of your writing style or if you feel like it you may come up with your own free write starring your character.)
Name: (Your name)
Age: (Between 16 & 35)
Family Symbol: (Every Shadowhunter family has a family symbol that appears on their family ring, can be something simple or intricate. It has to be able to be designed on a ring.)
Location: (What Institution you hail from or where in Idris you come from)
Appearance: (What you look like. Include any permanent rune marks. Describe Shadowhunter gear and normal attire.)
Personality: (How your character acts.)
History: (The most important section. Include information about your family name. Reveal your character to me, their hopes, dreams, failures, accomplishments, skills, what made them the Shadowhunter they are today.)
Roleplay Sample: (Link me to a previous RP post to give me an example of your writing style or if you feel like it you may come up with your own free write starring your character.)
Main Weaponry: (Weapon of your choice, no two people can have the same weapon or a gun. I.e everyone can have a sword, but two people can't have great swords)

1. Suren Yuri/The Seelie Queen - Fair Folk - Retro Bug
2. Dylan O'Connell/Derek Hoechlin - Werewolf - 雷影 イチロ
3. Valentin Cortes/Fernando Torro - Vampire - Lt. Col. Fantastic
4. Oliver Wells/Lucas Pattinson - Werewolf - Skymin

1. Samara & Kosti Ashtower - New York Institute - Retro Bug
2. Agent - New York Institute - Supervegeta
3. Callum Birdsong - Unknown - ANARCHit3cht
4. Thane Everstorm - San Diego - Raikiri
5. Clarice Soraruki - Tokyo Institute - Kiklion


Cassandra Clare, honestly, without her this RP wouldn't be taking place. She's a fantastic author who's created (most of) this world and it's awesome that I got to create a RP about it.

DAN/CHRIS/MADDY/KEL/DECLAN/RIKA(x2): Oh, I don't know where this RP would be without you guys probably saved in Word somewhere never to be able to see the light of day. You guys really helped me by reviewing, and encouraging me about it. Y'all da best~

TOM, my lovely pair. You did nothing, but thanks babe.

THIS SITE, thank you for not making me reread the books again. Seriously, thanks.


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