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Name: Agent

Age: 31

Family Symbol: Link

Location: Current residence in New York Shadowhunter Institute

Appearance: The Agent stands about 6 feet tall. He is dark-skinned, brown haired, which he maintains at a short, clean look, and brown-eyed. He has an athletic build, and maintain his body in top form and health. Black is the color of battle among the Shadowhunters, and thus he is always in such attire, representing the endless battle which he will fight. Wearing a night-black suit, his outfit is complemented by a black tie, with a white, collared business shirt, black slacks, and matching loafers. He also wears a pair of black gloves. He never deviates from this attire, as to maintain the professionalism of those he represents, though he may change the subtle style of the tie he wears to add in his own charm, however, minuscule he chooses to have it shown. Consequently, his slight change of the tie is one of the last bits of his own individuality which he maintains, along with his family ring. He has two permanent marks for runes on the back of his hands, hidden by the gloves. On his left wrist is the rune for Endurance, and on his right is Dexteritas. Also straight in the middle of his chest is the Fortis rune.

Reference Picture. Reference Picture 2.

Personality: The Shadowhunter formally known simple as 'Agent' is an enigma. Rarely, if ever, does he choose to share personal details about his past, and it is unlikely for any to be able to acquire such information out of him. In fact, in general he is a man of few words. He is even more cryptic to those who he would dispassionately refer to as 'irrelevant individuals', those not on a need to know basis to know certain information. These would apply to the vast population of humans, but also to many lower-ranked Shadowhunters or Downworlders. When he does choose to speak more freely, he is perceived as being courteous and soft-spoken in manner, as well as articulate and intelligent, attributed possibly by his British accent.

He is also a man of uncompromising morals, firm beliefs and principles which guide his path and directs his actions. He has a strict belief and code of personal ethics, and in the belief in the necessity for honesty and chivalry in people. In many ways, he perceives the world as a substantial, expansive business, and views himself as an employee in this ultra-national corporation. He thus believes in the need for a sense of required business ethics in the way one conducts their affairs in life. This business-minded manner he apprehends the world also incorporates a similar business efficiency in the way he handles his work and his affairs. He completes his tasks with the highest level of productivity and quality he is capable of, and views this efficiency in a positive and stimulating manner. Conversely, he believes inefficiency and irrelevancy in a negative light. As time went on, Agent had begun to pour in more ideas and notions of what could be viewed as inefficient and irrelevant, until he had come to an evolution in his way of thinking, perceiving much emotion and attachments themselves, such as anger and love, as inefficient in the completion of his tasks. Thus, he does not easily bring his emotions into confrontations, rarely becoming emotional (whether anger, fear, or other emotions). Though this business-minded concept is what he models his actions upon, he also performs his tasks not only with this highest level of efficiency, but also with a hint of grace and elegance.

The Shadowhunter also has a strong sense of justice and duty. He is a firm believer of the law, and views it as a necessity for the stabilization of society. This is somewhat strange, as many of the actions and jobs which he chooses to do can be viewed as despicable, deplorable, and sinful. He is ruthless, impassive, and cold-blooded. It further proves an irony in his expectation of the moral character of others, while he himself breaks many of these own rules, laws and morals. To this, he would say that while morality must be embraced, there are those in society that voluntarily go against such principles. Thus, he must also break his own character so that he could prevent the sins of others. His long term goal in mind is the creation of a perfect world without sin, immorality, or tyranny. Yet in such a world, men like himself cannot exist, and this he realizes to be true. He despises pain, suffering, fighting, and evil, but he himself accepts that he himself must embody these traits in order to try to eradicate them. As a Shadowhunter, Agent views the Downworlders as one of the many problems of the world, a sin that must be purged in order to strive for his long-term goal of paradise.

He is also quite a perceptive individual, able to pick up details when presented to him. He has a fairly exceptional skill of being able to read other people, especially their own virtues and flaws if he has spent enough time with them. Because of his views of honor, these are also extended to the battlefield. He believes that there is a certain amount of honor in battle, even if he views fighting itself with hatred. Yet if he views opponents in a virtuous enough manner, he would be willing to give them a merciful and shameless death upon their defeat.

In general, Agent is accustomed to working alone, and this is the way he prefers. He dislikes the idea of having to rely on others, and conversely on others to rely on him. Yet he would be willing to cooperate with others if he believes they are working to achieve a common enough goal.

History: To those few who have heard of the Shadowhunter referred to as 'the Agent', or simply 'Agent', many different rumors have fluttered around over the years. Some have suggested that he was born in hell, and raised up from the inferno by the Clave to be among the Shadowhunters as an expert demon killer. Some say he was the result of Nephilim experimental runes, placed upon his body at birth and then tested until perfected into the killing machine they desired. Some say that he was never a Shadowhunter to begin with, that he was originally a mundane that had committed horrible atrocities in his own world, and discovered their own world in the process of looking for shelter, and was accepted into society through Ascension. There are a handful of other tales as to the origins of the man, but the truth is a lot more elementary than the rumors.

In truth, he was once a normal child (as far as Shadowhunter children go), much like many others. He grew up in Idris, where he had two parents who were Shadowhunters, and he would likely too be destined to join them. Then the Scarlet War came, and both of his parents would meet their end when he was only a child, leaving him orphaned. He was taken in by the Clave, as many others who shared similar fates at the time, and was trained until he was 18. By then, he would set off for quite a bit of time to the world of the mundane, while also taking missions from local institutes. He observed the life of the mundane, viewing much of their existence as irrelevant, but he did adopt one aspect of their society, primarily revolving around the business enterprise, which he took with him. If there was a single image he would bring back with him, it was that of the faceless corporate drone, one who embodies all of the laws and morals of those he would represent, while having no identity himself. No personal wealth or property. A tool of the collective.

It was with this idea that he returned to Idris, and began to make a name for himself. What began as a simple tradition of omission of his name soon changed to the purposeful abandonment of it. He found himself no longer wishing to have it, as he viewed his lingering humanity as a weakness and inefficient quality to possess. He was soon liberated of it, the name being stripped away from records. He was now simply, their Agent.

With his new title and growing reputation in check, he traveled through the mundane territory, moving through major cities and picking up work from the institutes whenever needed. He found himself in the New York Institute, now having been there for a few weeks, as much work needed to be done in the area. Perhaps hearing about his reputation, he was recently invited to join the group which would track down the Artifact children by the Inquisitor, and Agent accepted without much hesitation. He understood the enormity of the task he was handed, and he would do his best to carry out his orders with swift execution and flawless efficiency.

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