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Originally Posted by Jegretis View Post
It's not finished yet, but I will try my hardest to finish it before Monday. Also, how long do want our RP sample? And do ShadowHunters know anything about the modern world(ie. movies, fashion, etc.) I know you stated that they are unfamiliar, but would there be exceptions?wristband on his right hand.
Good question, it depends. If they solely grew up in Idris, virtually nothing, at all. Even at an Institute they would know very little, because they're always out hunting demons, training, or studying. They wouldn't know much about the Internet or if it even existed because they have no need for it. While traveling through the human world with a glamour they might overhear things, but wouldn't really know about it. They wouldn't know music, besides classical stuff if they played piano or violin. Books would be the old ones as well, but they might've picked up current ones. For fashion they'd be up to date because they do see humans and even if it's not the same vice versa so they would adapt to their style and pick up small details.

  • Erm, I'm not sure if I made this clear, but in your Appearance section you should also describe what your Shadowhunter gear looks like. It's black clothing, most likely leather or a light material and always easy to move in, so not too many layers.

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