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    Valentin Cortés
    Alias: Fernando Torro

    Age: 33 (looks 24)
    Race: Vampire
    Location: Santiago, Chile
    Appearance: Fernando is a fairly large man, being 6'5" and almost 250 pounds. Part of it is due to good genes and part of it is from the heavy work he did in Chile for the Zamboda Cartel. Naturally he was very dark skinned, being almost full blooded Incan. After he was changed, however, he lightened to a point where he was an average Latin American skin tone. Long, dark hair covers his head and a thick beard covers most of his face. Both of these are traits he received from his Argentinian Father, while his large frame and height came from his mother's Mesoamerican heritage. For clothing he typically wears (sometimes sleeveless) T-Shirts and jeans on an every day basis, but for the higher up missions he gets he'll pull out a nice suit. He almost always wears sunglasses, either on his face outside or resting amongst his jet black hair when indoors.

    Pic of hair and beard and kinda face. I couldnt really find a good one for him; just use imagination to make his head hair longer and blacker and his skin slightly darker.

    Personality: Fernando isn't the type of guy who gives up without a fight. Truly a bull, he uses both pure strength and street smarts to wrestle his way out of any situation. Being nearly indestructible by humans is a plus as well. He has the mindset that allows him to do whatever is best for himself, probably a trait learned from being in hiding for most of his life and dealing with dangerous drug lords for the rest. He isn't particularly loyal to anyone besides himself, only staying true to the Zamboda as long as it benefits him. He can be quite skeptical when it comes to friends and women, not trusting them easily. He might warm up after a while, as he's been seen drinking and laughing with the Zamboda on occasion, but until then he'll keep his distance if possible.

    When he gets angry, he gets angry. From mellow to furious in seconds, he could almost beat the Hulk in a piss-off. Given his size and strength, he's bound to cause destuction when he's mad, and breaking things is something he does often. Generally the things that make him mad are lies and ignorance. When something goes wrong due to someone else's blunder or if someone outright lies to him, he's likely to kill that someone, and violently too. NOTE: In short, he doesn't get angry easily, but when he does it's all at once and bloody.

    On the other hand, he's pretty chill most of te time. While he doesnt partake in drugs himself, he sometimes drinks alcohol and plays cards with the guys, or Zamboda himself. A little alcohol goes a long way, making him open up and actually have some fun with other people. Brotherhood isn't something he naturally feels, being a loner most of his life (besides Edmund and Carlos), but with a few drinks he just might tell a joke or two.

    History: Valentin Miguel Cortés was born on January 1st, 1980 in Taquile, Peru of an half Incan, half Argentinian father and Incan mother. As an infant he was stolen by a fey Father named Carlos Cortés and raised in Mexico City. He grew up an average kid, going to school because he had too and playing soccer because he was good at it. At age ten, he moved again to New York City. As the Artifact incident happened in 1992, his father sent him away to Santiago, Chile with a vampire named Edmund Torro under the name of Fernando Torro. There, he continued playing sports and conditioning. When he turned 18, he moved out of the house to find work. He found it with a local drug cartel, taking up any odd jobs they had. He moved up the ranks quickly, using his sharp wit and pure brute strength to get things done, and done fast. At the age of 24, Edmund and some of his "friends" turned Fernando into a vampire, after he begged to become one. After the initial blood rage, Fernando was back to himself, only faster, stronger, and more durable. Immortality is Fernando's goal and life, whether it be literally living forever or becoming a legend spoken of for eternity. With his enhances physical capabilities, he only accelerated his climb up the ladder. He moved up far enough to meet the Zamboda himself, and even got hired to go after moles and rival cartel leaders.

    Years passed like this, Fernando either running "shipments" over borders or taking out important figures of other cartels. He's outlived most of the people in his business, Zamboda being the only survivor of the original "crew" he joined. Since then he has become something of a staple or legend in the cartel world. "Don't piss off Zamboda, or he'll have Fernando on your ass." Most people don't actually know what he looks like, mainly just the big shots. The average Joe DrugRunner wouldn't recognize him like a boss would, but the mere mention of his name makes even the strongest of men nervous. Almost nobody outside the cartel world knows him or his name either, still giving him the anonymity to hide from Shadow Hunters in the first world countries.

    Other: For feeding he often drinks the blood of those he hunts for the Zamboda, or in dire situations a random civilian or animal. Once he actually did rob a blood bank, in a moment of comical genius.

    Roleplay Sample:

    Edit: As far as him coming back to New York, he's basically just coming for his own amusement more than anything, and due to at least a little curiosity of his adoptive father's letter.

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