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Accepted are ANARCHit3cht, Raikiri, and Kiklion.

Took my ages to get the first IC post up, so now posting time begins.

@Shadowhunters: The Inquisitor has sent you a formal letter a little bit over a week ago saying you must be at the New York Institute by 4pm and to tell no one where you are going. Describe what you have been doing in that time frame and your arrival to the meeting room.

@Downworlders: The letter addressed you to meet at the Yellow Benches in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, New York, New York on June 25th @ 4pm. Your letter will have had the phrase "Each child is a page in a book that must never be read." in it as well. The rest of it is as personalized as you want to make it. Describe your journey to New York if you're not already there, or what you've been doing up until then. Then have your character and caretaker arrive at the location.

For the record the Vampire Coveness/Queen/Leader is named Ingrid the Prudent, but she has been away on business. Zebb is her second in command. Werewolf pack leader is Gareth with his second in command being Rein, his son.

If you have any questions now is the time to ask! :)

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