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    Originally Posted by nerevarine View Post
    One thing I've noticed - if you go redeem the token for the thundercub, but your inventory is full, you'll lose the pet. Is there a way to prevent it?

    Also, (though I haven't tested it on a fresh game) battling Norman still gives me the old error...
    That's odd. I'm certain I've fixed Norman - it worked for me. I'll have another check and see if there's anything I've accidentally done to him.

    As the Thunder Cub, I hadn't tested it with a full inventory. I think I'll have to fix that. In case you hadn't figured it out yet, the Mush Mask, the Cologne, the Spark Token and the Thunder Cub are links in a very, very long item chain that isn't finished yet, and eventually ends in the Meathouse with the accidental summoning of a very rare and powerful Pokémon.

    EDIT: I just played through the Petalburg Gym sidequest again, and Norman definitely works for me. Are you sure you've got the latest IPS?

    EXTRA SUPER FUN EDIT: Put up a new IPS. This one has a more kindly Count D who will refund your Spark Token for you if you don't have room for a Thunder Cub, and also a man in the Meat House who will actually give you TM Water Pulse now instead of just talking about it.

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