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    Originally Posted by Cutlerine View Post
    That ringing phone... ominous, isn't it? However, you'll have to wait until I finish the abandoned ship in order to retrieve the Mystery Caller's artefact and discover what happens when you deliver it to him.

    Otherwise... Wow, your Claydol's level 100? My six Pokémon (Radiorange, Buffalon, Zeburaika, Metagross, Emonga and Golem, as shown in the Hall of Fame screenshot in the first post) are all only level 60-ish themselves, and they've beaten everyone up to Pacifidlog reasonably easily... per my username, I had to.....cheat. I used the MOD shop, inf money, and inf PP codes to actually make it through the game. Without the codes, I was never making it past the Mr Briny's hut.....That's how tough the game was for me....

    EDIT: My team currently is Claydol, Exploud, Hariyama, Swellow, the shiny Areodactyl, and a Gyarados (from the Magikarp that held Surf). I would have never survived the game if I didnt use those RageCandyBars....And even now, my Claydol is usually the first of my Pokemon to faint, while my Exploud and Hariyama are my best two Pokemon.

    EDIT 2: I dont know where this Meat House you talked about with the Water Pulse TM is...
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