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    When I say balance, I mean with the amount of weaknesses and advantages we have with the types now, I'm not counting tiers and such cause that's a whole other park that always has some iffiness in it because of it being entirely fanmade and such xD

    Should've made that clear, I apologize *n*

    I mean like... Grass is weak to Ice, Fire, Bug, Flying, and Poison, but strong against Water, Ground, Rock. That's not an even ratio, but with how common Water, Ground, and Rock are, it's pretty even to me. But if Light-type is added, how will it affect all of the other types? Would it be neutral, strong, or weak? Would it resist anything or be resisted by anything?

    Figuring that out is simple enough but like you mentioned Miss Doronjo, it seems more unlikely with each generation we progress through just because of the amount of work that would have to be done. That's a really good point with the IVs and such too, I hadn't thought of that but that does seem to make it more unlikely.

    That's why I think Sylveon won't be a new type, and a new type won't be introduced, because of how soon Gen VI is coming out after Gen V. They could have been working on it since the 3DS was announced, or heck even before then, but I just don't see it happening.

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