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    This is a story of a Lucario that has lost all his memory. Please give me feedback, people :) Please don't go away and just read this thing already xD


    A Brief introduction of Lucifer
    This is my first Pokemon-Related Fan Fiction, people, so please, bear with me! And please comment! :) before we start please note that the main character, Lucifer is an RP character I've been using in the RP Corner. And this is his appearance in brief. AND LUCARIO AIN'T OVERRATED

    Instead of blue being his basic colour, his fur is dark grey. His torso is white instead of yellow. His red eyes are rather big, and they're a little larger than other Lucario eyes. His eyes will glow when he channels his aura. His four black appendages behind his ears are a little longer than average and his spikes on his wrists are taller and pointier. When he generates an Aura Sphere, the sphere is blood-red instead of blue and when he wields a bone with bone rush, the bone is glowing yellow. A pic (simple recolouring, sorry, no time) is located down there so you can get the concept of his colour.

    <- Lucifer

    Memory Retrieval (old nam
    e: ...Escape)

    Setting - Sinnoh region, minus the humans.



    Lucifer’s eyes opened slowly as he stretched his arms, looking at the white ceiling above. Lucifer frowned, confused, as his house didn’t have any white ceilings, or did it? He couldn't really remember. Remembering that there weren’t any white ceilings in his house, he quickly sat up and looked around. He saw medics - Blisseys and Chanseys walking around frantically outside the corridor, holding notes and reports in their hands. He shivered as they were all wearing long, white cloaks with lots of pockets on them. If memory served him right, doctors wear those...he gulped.

    He was in a hospital.

    He looked at his paws, then checked his spikes and moved his legs. Everything looked normal. He concentrated, and his fists glowed, with a reddish-purple Aura surrounding it like a fire. His Aura abilities were fully functioning, no doubt. He scratched his head, then touched his four black appendages located behind his ears. They were still ticklish, and they weren’t falling off his head, so everything was rather fine. Then Lucifer did something rather stupid - he slapped himself with his right paw. Lucifer shouted in pain, quickly regretting it. At least he could still feel pain, but he wondered if that was actually a good thing.

    He was in his own room, and next to him were various equipments, high-tech and low-tech, but he wasn’t attached to any of them.

    So why am I here?

    Lucifer was going to get off the bed, but just then a Blissey, female, walked in, and she stopped right next to him, staring at him with her big, stalkish eyes that made Lucifer shiver.

    “And you are...Lucifer?” the Blissey asked, frowning as she poked him with the board, “You have a rather strange colour.”

    “Yes, and that is pretty obvious,” Lucifer rolled his eyes and waiting for her to say something else, “What’s wrong with me, doc?”

    “First,” Blissey held up her hand, stopping him, “When you were sent here, you didn’t give us your last name, or the one who’ve sent you didn’t give us your last name. We don’t have your it so please tell me your last name first so I can register your ID.” Blissey said seriously, nodding from time to time.

    “Last name?” Lucifer yawned, and played with his paws like a cat, “That’s easy. It’’s...” Lucifer scratched his head again, then hitting it, “It’’s...”


    “It’’s...uh...” Lucifer tilted his head and frowned.

    Oh good grief, now I see the problem...


    “I-I don’t remember...” Lucifer admitted, shaking his head, “What happened?”

    At first Blissey frowned and thought that he was faking it, so she placed her hand on his forehead and waited. Blissey could tell that he wasn’t faking it and frowned, arms crossed.

    ‘Well you have amnesia,” Blissey hissed, impatiently “And I can’t ask you anything until your memory comes back to you.”

    Lucifer lied down again, his head buried into the pillow. He couldn’t remember a thing, he didn’t even know his last name. His past? All gone, hidden somewhere in his Lucario brain. He snorted in frustration, and pounded the pillow with his paw.

    “Let me see him!” a familiar voice came from outside, and it echoed in the corridor. Lucifer was sure he knew the voice, but it didn’t really ring a bell...suddenly a Kirlia, with a bluish purple eye barged into the room, pushing the Blissey away as she stood next to him, looking at him with concerned eyes. Who did she think she was? Her other eye was blocked by her hair, so he couldn’t see it.

    “Uh-” Lucifer raised his paw, attempting to ask her a question, but then she interrupted.

    “How are you feeling?” the Kirlia placed her hand on his forehead like Blissey did, but more softly and gently, “You okay?”

    Lucifer’s eyes widened when she did that. Were they friends? Good friends? He didn’t know. He had no idea, so he pushed her hand away softly, “You are...?”
    Lucifer expected a proper answer, but to his surprised she laughed a little.

    “Nice one, Lucifer,” she smiled, rolling her eyes, “Okay now seriously, you feeling better?”

    Lucifer stared at her blankly, blinking again and again in confusion, and the Kirlia was getting a little worried there. Lucifer was acting like he didn’t know her, and the Kirlia didn’t want him to play in a situation like this. She was about to ask him again, but Lucifer was staring at her so blankly she wondered if he was playing or not.

    “...It’s me...Xandra...” Xandra the Kirlia poked him, shaking him softly, “Stop fooling around, you’re making me worried...”

    “...I don’t think I know you...” Lucifer backed off, climbing to the farther side of the bed, “...Xandra.”

    Xandra gasped and stomped her feet. She shot him a glance that meant, “How can you say that to me?!” and stared at him with angry eyes, her blue one glowing a little as she did. She thought that this was some kind of a joke and growled, her hands high up in the air. She was going to slap him, but she didn’t. Someone she could see that something was wrong with Lucifer, so she stormed out of the room again like she was on fire.

    “What was that all about...” Lucifer sighed, “What’s happening?! And who is she...? Judging on her attitude she sounded like my...”


    Lucifer took a deep breath, “Okay, so right now there’s only one thing I can do...”

    Xandra walked to the other side of the hospital and gave herself a large face-palm. It was quieter here so she could think properly without any interruptions. First off all, Lucifer had amnesia, and she didn’t know if he was faking it or not. Second, having amnesia meant he had forgotten everything...all the good moments they had together...Xandra sighed when she thought of that. Thirdly, who sent him here? If he had amnesia, he couldn’t walk into the hospital like that. Something strange was happening here.

    Xandra walked towards the soda vending machine at the end of the silent corridor and bought a sprite, then drank it down in two large gulps. She was thirsty and hungry when she was nervous or worried. Just then two Blisseys pushed a dead body out of a room next to her, and she nearly jumped. She hated the hospital...she could sense death...death and blood everywhere, and she didn’t really like that.

    Xandra decided to visit Lucifer again, and maybe they could talk more peacefully this time. She ran back to Lucifer’s room, but she dropped the can of sprite when she arrived. He was gone.

    Lucifer ran out of the hospital, stopping when he reached the exit, panting for breath. Those Chanseys weren’t going to let him go that easily so he had to fight his way out. When he turned, he could see some pink and white ball-like Pokemon running towards him.

    “Great now the whole medical team’s after me.” Lucifer wailed and ran outside, scanning the environment. They were in a city, a rather large one, to be exact. He looked to the left and saw a ‘Jubilife’ banner. So he was in the Sinnoh least he could remember something. But it was rather useless. Why couldn’t he remember something more his first name, his family and what he had been doing before he was sent to the hospital.

    That reminded him. He was being chased by a bunch of Blisseys. With one strong jump he hopped onto a tall tree and hid behind the leaves, careful not to make a sound. He held a smile as the doctors ran towards the other direction, and he hopped down when he was sure they were far away.

    What now? He didn’t have any cash with him, and he didn’t know where his home was. He was as helpless as an orphan boy, he didn’t know what to do for once. Xandra could tell him more about himself...if she could control her urge of slapping him in the face. But somehow he couldn’t go back like that, he had to go somewhere else.

    Lucifer walked towards the center of the city aimlessly and looked around, three hundred and sixty degrees, clockwise, then counter clockwise. The Lotto attracted his attention, but then, he didn’t have an ID, or any money, so he shrugged. He jumped, excited when he saw a Pokemon Center, since the Chansey there had the data of every Pokemon out there.

    Anxious, he ran towards the Center as fast as his Lucario feet could take him. He slowed down as the automatic door opened, and the center welcomed him with a cool gust of air-conditioning. Lucifer stopped there, enjoying the breeze but quickly continued since he knew he could enjoy the breeze again after he knew his name.

    “Chansey, can you give me a scan?” Lucifer asked kindly, hoping he could get some answers.

    After a while, Lucifer exited the scan room and walked back into the lobby, waiting for an answer as he rested his head on his paw.

    “ I right?” Chansey glanced at him as she typed rapidly on her keyboard as she analysed the results. Lucifer nodded anxiously as he thought she found something, but he banged his head against the table as she shook her head.
    “This is all I have.” Chansey blinked and watched as a piece of paper was printed out, then handed the results to Lucifer. When Lucifer read it he had the sudden urge to blast the Chansey into smithereens.

    Name: Lucifer
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Sinnoh
    Species: Lucario
    Gender: Male.
    Zodiac: Sagittarius

    Well that sucked. A lot. Now he had amnesia AND a bad mood. He stormed out of the Pokemon Center, blasting the glass door into bits as he left. Just then something stung him from behind, and Lucifer turned. It was a piece of paper flying in the air and it landed before his feet. Curious, he picked it up and read it. It was a Pokemon tournament here, in Jubilife stadium. The winner could have 10,000 G and a mysterious prize. Lucifer tried scratching the ‘10,000 G’ because he thought someone had added a zero to the back, but no, it really was 10,000 G.

    Since he had nowhere to go, participating might not be such a horrible idea. With a new objective in his mind, he walked into a Colosseum that looked like the Roman Colosseum, and the first thing he noticed was the number of Pokemon sitting there. The whole city was here, cheering for their friends and family. The whole Colosseum was full, and there wasn’t any seats left. To Lucifer’s left, people were queuing up to buy pizza and popcorn, while the competitors were lining up next to him.

    Right now, a Weavile was fighting against a Rhydon, the Weavile’s claws slashing his enemy with blinding speed. The Rhydon wasn’t half as strong and fell onto the ground, unconscious.

    The crowd roared as the announcer announced the winner of this round, clapping their paws excitedly. Fighting seemed to give them a lot of entertainment...Lucifer also wanted to see if his battle skills were still here, so he lined up and waited as the line went shorter and shorter...

    “Lucifer!” Xandra cried anxiously as she rushed into every hospital room, in search of her best friend. Each disappointment was making her less determined to find him, and when all the rooms in the hospital had been searched, she slumped onto a hospital bench and sobbed. First he didn’t remember who she was, now he was running away from her. How could life be so harsh to certain Pokemon?!

    “I need a break,” Xandra told herself, comforting herself, “I - need - a - break. Plus I can’t search for him when I’m sleepy and tired, can I? No I can’t.”

    Xandra stretched her arms and fell asleep on the hospital bench, when she did fell asleep, she didn’t notice a figure - a Zangoose looking at her through the window. Xandra could feel his presence in her sleep, but she was just too tired and worried she didn’t want to care. The Zangoose could almost scrape her face off with his claws as he pushed his arm through the open window, but Xandra was too far away, and going in the hospital...too dangerous for him. He stomped his feet and walked away, frustrated.

    It was Lucifer’s turn in the Colosseum, and Lucifer squinted his eyes when he walked out of the waiting area as a bright beam of sunlight shone onto his face. The audience quieted down and looked at him, they were probably disgusted by his strange colour. Lucifer, ever so slowly, walked to one side of the arena and felt the ground. It was rocky, but it wasn’t wet and muddy at all. Lucifer stood there a little nervously, and waited for his first opponent.

    When the opponent walked out of the waiting area, Lucifer’s eyes widened. It was the Weavile who destroyed the Rhydon in two minutes, and apparently he was about to do it again. The crowd cheered when the Weavile entered, so the Weavile must had been pretty famous and strong. Lucifer’s left foot stepped forward and poised for an attack while his enemy sharpened his claws by rubbing his two claws together.

    There wasn’t a bell, or a gun to start the match, so the Weavile lunged towards Lucifer when he was ready. Lucifer’s eyes could barely catch up with his speed, but fortunately he was able to block his attack with his arm. As Lucifer blocked the attack he screamed in pain as his claws dug into Lucifer’s Lucario skin. The audience laughed and he could feel himself blushing in humiliation.

    Lucifer growled and flung him away with one strong fling with his arm, sending the Weavile flying back to his starting point. Blood started to seep out of Lucifer’s wounds but he didn’t care, plus, hedidn’t notice. The Weavile charged towards himagain, but before he could reach the dark Lucario, Lucifer brought his hands together and made a yellow bone of Aura, then whacked him onto the ground with a quick strike. The Weavile got up quickly and when Lucifer was still in close range, fired a shadow ball towards him.

    Lucifer didn’t expect this thus he couldn’t dodge it in time and the ball exploded when it was next to him, blasting the Lucario onto the floor, with his bone flying out of his paws. The Weavile caught Lucifer’s bone and pointed it at Lucifer’s neck, pinning him onto the ground.

    “Finish him! Knock him out!” An excited audience shouted and the whole stadium cheered. Ugh, talk about self-esteem, I need some. Lucifer thought, but then he had an idea, when he was about to strike, Lucifer’s hands glowed red, and pushed him away with force palm. He stumbled back a few steps, but he still had my bone. Furious, he thrust his bone towards like a sword, with an urge to pierce through Lucifer’s heart.

    With extreme speed, Lucifer blocked the thrust, catching the head of the bone with his paw and pushed the bone away. The Weavile flinched and Lucifer punched him again and again with unrivaled speed, with his last punch of Close Combat punching the Weavile’s stomach with a low uppercut. The Weavile’s eyes widened and he knelt on the ground, coughing. Lucifer was about to attack him again, but the Weavile fainted and went unconscious. Guess the Weavile excelled in attack and not defense.

    At first the whole Colosseum was silent, as the one they were cheering had fainted, but after a while they roared as they found a new Pokemon to cheer for. Lucifer smiled as the Weavile was pulled away by the medics and waited for the next opponent. At this rate he was going to get the prize in no-time.

    The next opponent looked...what’s the word...not threatening. It was a Buizel, and the intense sunlight was rather irritating as the walked out of the waiting area. Lucifer’s paws glowed red with his Aura once again, and to be honest, he thought that this opponent was going to be easy. But the Buizel did something that shocked Lucifer rather badly.

    The Buizel gasped when he saw the oddly-coloured Lucario and cried, “L-Lucifer?!”

    - End of Chapter one -

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