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    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
    Oooh, so Drunk gets the good stuff. I see how it is.

    And I posted, and tried to make Vinnie all sad and such. But I feel as if I did a bad job...
    Well, if I did bring Neko Girls and Sex Change into the equation, so I believe I should be deservedly recompensed, yes, why not?

    :P JK…

    I can't wait to see our worlds by the way Red. I like who LOFAR uses the same letters as FLORA… it's somehow very fitting! :D

    @ Otherworld: I'm probably not going to prototype my sprite until once I'm in the Medium (so as to not overpower the imps), so you should prototype my Kernelsprite first.

    I call alchemizing my computer with a DBZ scouter toy, by the way… just saying. :P
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