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    Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ View Post
    @ Otherworld: I'm probably not going to prototype my sprite until once I'm in the Medium (so as to not overpower the imps), so you should prototype my Kernelsprite first.
    Ah alright, I see...I think I might have a slight idea of what I might be, since Candice puts anything she finds interesting on there, so expect some very strange living thing there...xD

    Oooh, Act 3 was pretty good though, and I enjoyed a few of the hilarious objects they alchemized! XD

    As for the quesitons:
    1. Retro and Otherworld, how do you like your world? Is it what you expected/were hoping for?
    Drunk and Myself, what world do you hope for?
    -Well, as for myself, I actually wanted a snow world! <3 It's perfect! As for Candice...well, she might find it very boring at first, since it seems desolate, but she'll find a way to entertain herself there~

    2. Why did you pick your location?
    -My location? Well, it's actually my hometown, where I was born...well, the state that is.
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