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Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
Yes. But, again, I think that all applies to if South Korea is attacked. If they attack the US (which in all honesty, I can't imagine something NK launches not falling into the ocean XD, but still. If they do manage to), then I think the US would be entirely justified in striking back regardless of what China may want.
And thats the problem with international politics - No matter how justified retaliation may be, somehow your always going to lose face with it.

We can't forget N.Korea's treaty with China. Afterall, they might decide to take a page out of our book.

By this, I mean the US stating that they will, should Israel take actions against Iran (ie, attack them) stand by them.

The US is a paper tiger in this situiation, really. A portion of our economy is reliant on cheap Chinese labor - Should the US occupy N. Korea, I really wouldn't be surprised if China decides to limit exports.

No one really wants to admit this - While we have a better military then China, but they have our economy by the balls. Because of this, China's defense of N. Korea wouldn't have to be military action - It could be economic action.
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