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Originally Posted by KingCharizard View Post
Now this is a huge gamble because it could cost him everything to assert his strength, assuming that's what he is trying to do in the first place.
It would cost him everything not to.
You seem to be assuming what most are this is to portray his strength, that North Korea doesn't stand a chance, I beg to differ on both assumptions
Then you're wrong.
but again that is my point of view on the situation.
That doesn't make you any less wrong. Even NK knows it doesn't stand a chance against the combined might of every other major world power, and its barely-capable missiles probably wouldn't make it across the pacific, and even if they did, NORAD would shoot them down before they even entered US airspace. South Korea has similar anti-weapons technology from their association with the US.
Also even if he asserts his strength, his country will now be cut off more from the rest of the world and stricter sanctions will probably be placed and his country struggling even more to support itself, so if you ask me playing a cat and mouse game with us or anyone isn't beneficial to him or anyone else..
So he starves his people a bit more and blames the starvation on foreign powers. He knows nobody's going to do anything unless he actually sends weapons out. You don't really seem to understand how North Korea (or international policy as a whole) works.
I fail to see how loading missiles into launchers is anything close to shouting insults..
Because it means the same (e.g., nothing). They're rattling their cage. They do this every few years.
Thats not even a sick joke at a time like this, its playing with fire almost literally.
Having a loaded gun is a lot different than firing a loaded gun. Or in this case, pointing a loaded gun at a room full of armed police officers with their assault rifles trained on you and making empty threats at them is a lot different than firing that gun at them.
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