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    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    The TM/HM file isn't the same that I send you?

    How/Why you made the pokemon G5.txt if there are already some?
    It wasn't difficult to knock up a new version of tm.txt. At least one version I'd seen had a few errors, so I thought I'd just get the information directly from the Interweb to be sure it was correct. As for pokemon.txt, I've had that for a while, and I adapted it from another existing version (it may have been yours, I don't remember) to remove any errors.

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    My first guess is the two Gen V Pokémon that are revivable.

    Second thing I notice is this textbox:
    "\bHowever, what I brought back didn't live long...\1

    Thought that only seems to happen if he's reviving an invalid choice, looking at the code.
    The inclusion of the Gen 5 Pokémon is just to make it future-proof. It wasn't an Easter egg.

    The failure message is one, though. Ordinarily you'd never see it (actually, you can if you give a Gen 5 fossil without having Gen 5 Pokémon defined in pokemon.txt), but it's there for completeness. The message is a reference to Star Trek The Motion Picture, where a similar line is said of a crewman who suffered from a transporter malfunction.

    The other Easter egg is the sign outside the lab. What's the reference there?

    Originally Posted by pokefan41 View Post
    Thank you so much. You have just made it possible for me to make my own game the way i want with the new tilesets. I cannot say thank you enough. thank you so much.

    One question, do we have permission to use your maps in our games?
    You can if you like. I made all the maps myself (obviously some are inspired by the official games), so credit is appreciated.
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