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Final Update on my FireRed run.

♥ Dealt with the Rockets in Sliph Co.
♥ Battled Sabrina.
♥ Went to Fuchsia City and battled Koga.
♥ Had fun in the Safari Zone, looking for the Warden's Teeth.
♥ Went to Cinnabar island and played in the spooky mansion
♥ Battled Blaine and grabbed his badge too.
♥ Used my tiny Spearow to fly over to Viridian City where I faced Giovanni.
♥ Following his defeat, Giovanni decided to disband Team Rocket.
♥ Went over to Victory Road where I had a nice little grind fest >.<
♥ Took on the Elite Four and went through it relying mostly on Nemui and Chihou, with everyone else bringing their contribution when needed.
♥ Had an exciting battle with my Rival and became champion.

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