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This is one of the main reason I watch Pokemon anime - just to hear their voices! (some cute ones I will use in my cell phone - for getting text messages). I only seen the anime in English, Spanish (in my native language they kept the same English names and voices - no change), and Japanese, (forgot) two episodes in German (Emolga and the New Volt Swtich, and The Squritle Squad).

Really love Oshawott's voice (American dub or Japanese), its really funny to hear it in various situations (when he is happy, sad, mad, broken hearted) - its the main reason I keep coming back to the anime.

Emolga (her voice didn't change in the American dub), when she speaks or laughs... cutest ever!! (German dub shouldn't have changed her voice, sounded really different as in not so good)

Also Watchog, loved his Japanese voice, at first sounded really strange when I heard it in the American dub (wow! not what I was expecting - after a while I got used to it), especially loved the 'younger inexperienced' voice of Hiroto's Watchog (waiting to see how it will sound like this Saturday's premier in English) - it sounded even stranger in German.

Other mentions I also loved Dawn's Pachirisu, Dawn/Ash's Buizel, May's Skitty, Zoey's Glameow, Hiroto/Quattro/Burgundy's Dewott, Giovanni's Persian..... can't think of more.
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