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    Originally Posted by Pokedra View Post
    Good to hear.

    Yes because people love the CS set which honestly is good but CB set is amazingly destructive and definitely the superior set imo. Anyways it can be beaten via prediction.

    Unfortunately it's hard to get full hazards up against a decent player, SR + Spikes is enough. Snorlax takes 50-55% from STAB Crunch so it's not taking too many hits especially if they have hazards up hence why you need Suicune. With hazards Snorlax/Suicune you should be okay with Sharpedo.

    I used Cherubi's Damage Calculator, Smogon's outdated or you can download one of the offline calculators.

    Scald is probably better however Surf is going to net you more KO's, basically better chance to cripple something or better chance to KO. Your choice, both are good. No that's good, always test changes before posting. You'll improve a lot more that way =)
    I stand corrected, I ran into 4 or 5 CBFlygons today. But i took your advice and bated the outrage with Gligar the switched into my Bisharp. Saved myself from a few sweeps.

    As for Sharpedo, it is a pain in the butt -_-
    I was running tests with the changes on both teams, the team posted here is for PO and i use the suggested teams on PS, and on PO i was getting sweeped all day because i didnt have the suicune. On PS i stopped a few sweeps with Suicune.

    Thanks for the damage calculator link ^_^

    I have decided to run Surf, because it has a higher base power(and i like hard hitting moves)

    So far i am Very pleased with these team. I am still open to suggestions though!