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    Hi guys - essentially Im trying to find a ROM Hack or fan game that either includes Unova as a place to travel to (similar to how Johto is used in Glazed, Resolute, or rijionAdventures) - or is just set in Unova entirely, but isnt a demake of Black / White.

    Is this something an even exists? I just want to re-experience Unova without starting BW or BW2 again. Cheers!

    As Im expecting help, may as well try to help others:

    Originally Posted by Gingerninja6969 View Post
    I'm trying hyper emereld 807 it's pretty good. I believe it has what I'm looking for pokemon wise. It's not that's it's hard I just don't wanna have to spend all my time grinding to get to the next gym but I can live with it. But it's Chinese and I just can't get into it. Anything similar I really would just like a chance to see and enjoy all the new Pokemon and there mega evoltions within a game
    Would it be possible tell me a little bit more about the emulator you're using and what it accepts? Where have you downloaded the games you've played so far? It might be more difficult to find what you're looking for if you're forced to pick from some dodgy list on an app, for example!

    Originally Posted by Stunker View Post
    Hello People!
    Anyone knows a fan game or a rom hack with fakemon
    oh! and it must be finished
    Pokemon Topaz was the first I remember that did this:

    Originally Posted by why cant i find a valid name View Post
    Hi there young man.
    Can u perhaps recommend an old folk a fangame that has a good plot and a talking mc ? that would be gr8.
    Have a splendid day.
    I'm not sure about talking MC (I know Pokemon Victory Fire had one:, but anything from the ROM Hack Hall of Fame seems a safe bet!

    Originally Posted by xzebx1 View Post
    i want a good Ash Adventure, Can you guys recommend me a complete Ash game. Fire Ash kinda looked Rushed. i tried it, no story or dialogues in the begining which lets you feel like your ash or you are connected to characters around Ash. Is there any other Game dedicated to Ash which have good Anime story
    AshGray seems the most popular one:

    Also, Adventure Red looks really good, but I think thats Red rather than Ash:

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