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    Originally Posted by OnyxDemon View Post
    When people have horrible grammar in their stories >_<
    You do realize that it's rather ironic that you say this in a sentence that's not properly punctuated, right?

    Sorry. Had to say it. I mean, it's totally understandable (given the road and pothole analogy that I mentioned in another post), but for me, grammar isn't so much a trigger as it is the attitude about it. If an author says that grammar isn't necessary ("BECAUSE IT'S FANFICTION SO IM DOIN THIS AS A HOBBIE" or "OMG I DIDNT REALIZE THIS WAS ENGLISH CLASS" or "it's for ~artistic purposes~"), then yes, I'll judge you pretty harshly. However, if English isn't your first language or if you genuinely didn't know that a comma can't be used to do that (or insert your favorite trick grammatical rule here), then I'm a bit more forgiving so long as you're willing to learn how things in this language actually work. Sometimes, you might have an awesome story from a truly creative writer who just doesn't know any better, so it's not entirely fair to judge them right off the bat until you know what kind of author's at the keyboard.
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