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Originally Posted by voltianqueen View Post
... '__' Hello again! I stop by to read every so often, but I haven't posted in ages. I guess I should say that I've finally met a girl in real life (not anime! :O) that I would be interested in dating. She's very fun and cute, but she is already in a relationship. Not to mention my own romantic feelings are a bit...mixed up? Out of control? I have no idea what is going on, to be honest, so even if this girl was available, I'd still need to wait to get my feelings and my current situation sorted out. If I have an opportunity in the future to start going out when it's all good for both of us, then I am definitely giving it a shot. Until then, I'd love to be her friend :3

About breaking up, I feel you there. A lot. I have yet to figure out what my current love wants to do, since it kind of...makes no sense. Don't feel like explaining, but anyway I can definitely relate to the not-caring-in-the-same-way thing. This is really generic advice, but give it some time. I've had about 5 months to think about my feelings and stuff, and at this point I think I'll be okay. Hurts, but it'll be okay.
I'm glad you met someone! It's unfortunate she's in a relationship, though. Doesn't that always seem to happen? >.> Anyways, hopefully things work out between you two (if you want it to, or you could just stay friends, like you said) and hopefully your feelings get more coordinated. I hate when I feel so undecided, too.