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    Hello all! I see I am late to the party, mostly because I stay cooked up in the roleplay corner, but with a water type club here how can I NOT be a part of it?

    Name: Greiger
    Partner Pokemon: Golduck is the only one I need.
    Why do you want to swim with us?: Well, the current is always fast around me for some reason, I figure if I find a group to swim with, then maybe I can fight the currents and have more furn swimming around instead of being chased by Sharpedo every second.

    What do you think would be one of the better advantages of being a water type? A complex question when you think about it. There are many advantages, such as having more freedom to move around unlike the pokemon that are stuck on the ground at a horizontal plane. Water types can easily move horizontally or vertically whenever we please! Not only that, but the sea holds many mysteries that most pokemon can never explore so that is a privilege there. Not only that but we can easily travel to islands and to other regions such without the need of renting a boat ;D.