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    Well Pheonix Wright games are lovely I like playing a lawyer and reading about crimes it will be a series that cannot die because it's about being a LAWYER for Christ's sake.

    I love all PW:AA games.

    Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
    No you can not.

    Street Fighter II was revolutionary. It shaped the fighting genre as we know it today and was the basis for tournaments. You can't even get the same experience in another Street Fighter game because they're all so vastly different mechanically and generally, let alone a Tekken game.

    It's like saying that I can get the same Mega Man experience from Metroid. See how that dumb that sounds?
    Okay I wrote that down wrong, I can have as much fun playing as diverse characters from the other main Fighting series.

    Plus if Nintendo buys Megaman I am not certain but think that there will be a few either crossovers or games that feature them as the main protagonists like going onto a spaceship and you can switch between them like.

    The game would play out like Metroid Fusion with those floating bubbles when your playing as Megaman so you can recharge your suits, you earn suits from the bosses obviously. You can switch character at anytime. Samas would play like how she does in every game "Oh noes I lost my stuff let's get some better stuff on the way and find out whats going on" etc. etc.
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