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    Kit poked at her stomach, then grabbed a small pebble. She slowly put the rock into her new stomach. Kit had a look of determination on her face, and she started grinning as she felt her hand go into her stomach. "Hehehe..." She dropped the rock, and withdrew her hand. It was kind of slimy, but she didn't really care. Kit could feel herself digesting the pebble. "Wow... That is so cool! Kit smiled up to Lucy, then her gaze became more hostile. "Oh, right. The whole fight thing." Kit stood up, and glared at the girl. "Bring it on girlie. I haven't fought any other wielder for quite some time. this should be fun!" Kit formed back into her Umbreon self, and started prepping to pounce. Kit quickly glanced at the other person. She wouldn't really care much if this person tried to stop her. She then snapped her head back to Lucy. Kit growled, and ran to the girl. 'Don't go to near her stomach Kithandrea. She can swallow you whole.' "I can do the same to her~" Kit said to Candlelight, laughing.

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