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Lucy - Wrecked Building
After a time Lucy gave up trying to formulate a plan. Finding food either took skill, which she definitely didn't have, or luck, which she might have. How was she supposed to formulate a plan when she didn't have the knowledge to know which was the answer? She supposed she'd have to go with luck and hope for the best. It wasn't exactly an ideal situation--For Amethyst, anyway. The smaller girl's diet was much different from Lucy's, which consisted mostly of things inedible for the average humanoid. Like... wood.

"Well... My gut feeling says we need to get out of here and find Children's City."

She paused a moment and moved a hand to lightly prod her stomach, the gulpin-esque mouth clearly visible now that her shirt had been ripped. She wasn't hungry, and yet... Lucy moved over and grabbed another chunk of debris, feeding it to her belly. She was honestly just being a bit of a glutton. That, and the debris would just rot away anyway. The rate at which she digested was mildly scary, to say the least. The 'I really like/trust my gut' pun was kind of implied.

"Maybe you can tell me a little bit more about yourself on the way."

Lucy seemed veeery curious about what Amethyst might be able to tell her, for reasons not specifically known. Lucy proceeded to turn her back towards Amethyst, turning her head to gaze at the other. Her expression was friendly in a carefree sort of way.

"It's a long walk, though. I can carry you, if you want!"

...An offer of a piggyback ride was made. Given her super strength, carrying a smaller, lighter girl really wasn't a big deal in Lucy's head.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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