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    Pokémon Daydream White


    Hack of Pokémon Fire Red version
    Created by SK3
    A Pokémon Hacking Company Production


    What exactly are dreams? Are they just aspirations one holds within them, or are they something much more important.....

    Welcome to the Sinjoh region! Located northeast of Johto, Sinjoh was crafted by settlers from two different regions who's cultures meshed together to become one entity. Although other parts of the world were in great turmoil, Sinjoh maintained a long lasting era of peace until the mysterious and eerie Team Lucid arrived to the scene, storming the entire region looking for a place that is said to only exist in fable.

    Meanwhile, you are a 14 year old teenager from Aubranch Town preparing yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. Will you get a chance to follow your dreams, or will the obstacle known as Team Lucid destroy all hope for you?

    • Brand new region created based off of HGSS canon, Sinjoh
    • A variety of Pokemon from various generations to capture and train! (Gens 1-6)
    • Fire Red tiles/Fire Red style tiles (because a beautiful game can still be made with FR tiles)
    • Numerous moves from Generations 4-6 thanks to MrDollSteak's patch!
    • Updated game mechanics (Fairy type + P/S Split)
    • Updated Pokémon sprites thanks to both ChaosRush's and MrDollSteak's projects
    • Elite Trainer sidequests (will be explained in depth at a later date)
    • A completely original soundtrack composed by members of PHC and myself
    • Day & Night Cycle



    Pokémon Hacking Company
    • SK3 - Scripting, mapping, inserting routines, editing graphics, etc
    • JillSandwich93 - Mapping/Music
    • MIDIMasterShiro - Music/Sprites
    • Joe Tate - Music
    • EpicRPGRemixes - Music
    • dreamengine: Hero OW
    • Ęℓαчиıı: Banner
    • MrDollSteak: Attack Rombase/Gen VI Sprite Resource
    • ChaosRush: Gen I-V Sprite Resource
    • diegoisawesome: Skip Intro/Force Male Player Patches
    • primedialga: D/N Tool
    • karatekid552: Gen 3 Hacking Suite
    • Bela: Helping me out with issues that have arose

    • If I left you out, please tell me! I want to credit everybody that has helped out!


    • I restarted this hack, to make it more enjoyable, but since progress started from scratch, I don't expect the beta to be released until late this year/early next year.
    • More features will be announced and discussed as game development progresses

    Daydream White version

    Want to help out? Just PM or VM me!