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Originally Posted by SK3 View Post
Welcome to the wonderful region of Shinto! Located northeast of Johto, Shinto was founded by settlers from Johto who were looking to migrate to Sinnoh and accidentally discovered the uninhabited region. Here they settled down and built a shrine inside a cave worshipping the Unown, hoping one day that they would awaken from their slumber that they were put in at the Ruins of Alph. The power of the Unown, even though they were asleep, reacted to their cries and subsequently transported the entire cave into another dimension. Since the Unown were asleep, however, the cave was transported into the dimension of dreams, where two legendary Pokemon lurk. The cave and everything within it had been forgotten, until now.
So the region is Shintoh? Could be interesting. Anyway the story is kinda vague and mysterious, which is good.

You are a teenager who lives in the peaceful Tranquilla Town. You look up to your brother, who is a Pokemon trainer hoping to conquer all regions and become world champion some day. One day, your brother comes back home from Kanto, and brings three Pokemon for you to choose from with him. Even though you obtain the Pokemon without having your trainer's license, you start the adventure you waited your whole life for! However, your fun is cut short when the mysterious Team Hypnos appears. They are collecting shards that they claim are from another dimension, and rampaging all over the region to find them. What could their plan be with these shards?
Not too sure on the team's name, it's kinda meh. Again, this sounds vague and mysterious. Again, that's good.

All new region!
Epic storyline!
Fire Red tiles (because a beautiful game can still be made with FR tiles)
Day and Night system!
Nothing much to say there, except these are in almost every hack anyway.

Multiple rivals!
Just don't go all Light Platinum and have 40.

3 different endings!
This sounds interesting, might give me a reason to play it three times.

New sprites!
New music!
More and more and more stuff that I can't even list!
Again, kinda a given.

Shading error where the stairs are. Speaking of which, they're really cramped and that wall is tiny.

Weird name lol.

The roof on this big blue house is wrong, it's meant for the small house, hence why it's a different colour.

Nothing to say here.

Hey look at me when I talk to you!

The "e" should have an accent. Either use \h1b or press alt + ctrl + e on your keyboard and it will give you an "é".

Again, you need an accent. Also why isn't the word "Pokémon" capitalised here but it is in the last screen? Remember to keep it consistent throughout the hack.

There are a couple of tree shading errors here.

The ledges shouldn't run into the mountain like that.

Anyway, good luck.