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I'm back now (although I probably won't be as active.....I'm still kinda in the blah aftermath stage), and with more UTAU music to burn your ears since I have a new person to work with. :B

So right before husbando died I met a new guy via Kitty-chan who I now work for a little on some things. But i got him to sit and try to make an UTAU, and >_>;; he can't say Japanese well and has this horribly thick brit accent.........But yesh indeed, he made a few syllables for me to work with so that's what I've been doing to escape the fountain tears.

Yesterday i sat down with the notion in mind to make my very first from complete SCRATCH UST. Yes, from SCRATCH. So i pumped myself full of caffeine and set to work and it paid off! I have the complete first verse and chorus of a song now.

And soooo I introduce to you Toad UTAU (voiced by Toad ofc) singing 'My heart Will Go On' (yes......yes, i went there XD ).

I also made a few more songs but on some of them I wasn't using proper flags (I'm a fail~) so it sounds strange.

Paranoid Doll Short Toad Cover (with a music video because I'm so nice <3 ) :

Yeah, trying to get him to say Japanese R's did not work......neither do the Tsu's. He gave me anything from "Tu" to "Wwwwrrruuu" for R sounds. Like I told him to combine D and L and he gives me T and Wr........because that makes TOTAL SENSE! And Tsu is obviously "Shoe". <_< Yep.

And this one is a WIP and will be his first full song release. :B

And I'm nice and put subs on my videos so APPRECIATE. owo

I'll be back with finished Rain Stain and probably a finish version of that Titanic song. XD
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