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Originally Posted by MasterWarlord View Post
Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor looks really simple, but there wasn't exactly a lot of room for me to figure out where I was going wrong with it. I can get them to have no backgrounds with it, but the colors are always incorrect once the images are imported. Editing them back to their original states only goes so far, it's impossible to get them back to their original quality from what I see, as what each color correlates to seems to change.


Abomasnow couldn't even get this far, always ending up looking like some sort of abomination. I assume the program hates the fact his sprite has so much white in it or something.

I was pretty close with the other method with unzl, as the sprites were perfect other than the background.
Your sprites appear to have a lot of .jpg artifacts which I'm guessing is making it hard for APSE to synch up your palettes. All sprites in Pokemon games only have 15 colours (plus transparency) but your image's corruption has made it have far more. As a result APSE is trying to reconcile this by using what it assumes are the 15 most common colours and where they should be located in the finished product. But many of those colours shouldn't have existed in the first place, leading to your 'abominations' :P

You're going to have to find another set of sprites for your Pokemon and ensure that they are saved as .png files with no corrupted pixels before you try again. Hopefully it all works out this time around.

If you actually don't have artifacts on your sprites and the corruption is because you uploaded them to the internet then it may be because you haven't clicked 'update palette' and 'synchronise palette' to have your front and backsprites synchronise.