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Originally Posted by NaudaBase View Post
Hi everybody :) i'm new so dont hesitate to tell me where to post my question if this is not the right place for it :)
This question might have been asked before, but i did look on the forum, and after quite a few pages seen i didnt find my answer
The problem is that recently i changed from PC to Mac, and while i did not have any problem to find a good PC gba emulator, on mac, it is already much harder to find.
I have tried boycott advance (it has an awfully crappy sound on mac --') and a few VBA versions, but they didnt really convince me at all
Did any of you guys had the same problem as me and found a solution, or am i doomed to play with bad mac emulators :'( ?
I have a solution just for you. If you have Java, then that's good. Download Java VirtualBox here.

Then go online and search for a Windows OS .iso file, and use the Java VirtualBox tutorial here.

After it's set up, just put VisualBoy on your virtual machine, as if it were your own computer.

I can't give you any more links, because it'd be against the forum rules.

If you have any more questions, you can VM/PM me.

Edit: If you don't want to take up a decent amount of space on your computer for using Windows applications, you could use WINE Compatibility Service or this rather glitchy version of VBA for Mac.