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Originally Posted by JJMcay View Post
kool updates man. sry 4 voting lowly... i pressed wrong bttn
No worries man...It'll get better in the next few weeks, and thanx

Originally Posted by OmegaGroudon View Post
Glad to see your update.
You don't need to thank me even.XD
The sprite looks nice!
Thanx man, and I feel it's needed to thank you...You went through alot of hard thinking for it.

Originally Posted by DamianLeonhart View Post
Such Tiny Text! Anywho, the Portable PC is a bad idea I think. It's like a never ending supply of Pokémon whenever I need them. I understand that sometimes it will be disabled but, I think that if someone forgot a Pokémon that they needed for a specific reason then they deserve to have to go all the way back to a PC and switch Pokémon. A well balanced team should suit any trainer with the option of one HM slave.
You all are starting to get my attention with this concern...I agree, but I'll try to think of something, or I may get rid of it all together. Thanx though

Originally Posted by PoKéMaKeR View Post
Nice I really like it so far
but the new feature I don't think that's such a good idea to be honest because it's like you can take all pokémon with you (you know what I mean?)
Thanx man, and same as above with the PC issue ;)

Originally Posted by Lornami View Post
:o You should of told me ya'll had a new thread! I linked the really old one on my Sprite Thread, but I've updated it now.

^_^ It looks really good! Quite a-ways from when you started!
If you need me to re-do any of my sprites just tell me. It looks like you used the Gym Leader in the old screenshots as the professor?
Thanks ;), and yes I did use the Gym leader I've been wanting to get a professor sprite done, but I've been busy with other things...I just found someone who's good at trainers, and such, so He's making one.