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    Originally Posted by Rubix33 View Post
    Well Houndoom, is kind of found early in the game. Houndoom was the last addition on my team, and I caught him before like the third gym. Ludicolo, uh I don't really like it. Bronzor is found really early in the game, my 3rd addition on my team. Jynx may be rare, but I don't really like it, so I really suggest Bronzor. Garchomp I believe it can learn thunder punch from a TM, and if anything I believe Piplup can learn a ice move, so that takes care of a strength against Flying. And Scizor, is one of the greatest pokemon if you were to ask me. With it being Bug/Steel, its a great choice and a perfect sweeper. Yes you can get Dratini in pearl but, you get it pretty late in the game. And Gastly... I love Gastly, but having Houndoom you don't really need a dark type pokemon. So I think that you should add in a solid Electric like Luxray, or even ampharos. Or add in a flying type pokemon like Togekiss, or Staraptor

    So this is the team I suggest.

    Roserade, Luxray or Ampharos, or Togekiss
    Lucario or Scizor

    Hope I helped.

    Oh and this is completely off topic kind of a bit, but I have a great suggestion for a team, which may go against, what starter you wanted to choose.

    So my suggestion is

    Turtwig- Literally a Power House from the start.
    Buizel- Is one of the best water pokemon and learns ice moves also., and if anything you can replace it with Palkia once you get it.
    Togekiss- May not seem to good, but is great for absorbing hits, and can help you out in the end.
    Houndoom- One of the greatest fire Types, and with it also being dark, gives you a solid dark.
    Luxray- One of my favorites, and is a very solid Pokemon.
    Garchomp- I dont even think I have to really explain.

    And if anything replace Luxray with Bronzor
    Hey, thanks again for the reply. First of all something that I forgot to add but should've mention since the beginning. I don't want to use legendaries in my team, I'll only catch them.
    With grass being my favorite type I'd chose Turtwig first, but when it evolves it becomes 4x weak against ice, since it's not a solid ice type, right? Empoleon is water and steel, reducing it's weakness alot.
    If it were to choose a solid electric pokemon, I'd chose Jolteon over Luxray, although I've never used Lyxray, Jolteon is one of the fastest things I've used in Leaf Green.
    If it was about choosing Turtwig, what do you think about using Milotic instead of Buizel? It's quite powerful and learns strong moves, both ice and water (hydro pump, etc).
    So it's gonna be:
    Still, a bit of detail on the above team, feel free to add any opinion. Removed Alakazam because Gengar learns psychic moves, also it is a Ghost pokemon, not dark, so it wont get "mixed" with Houndoom. Scizor is strong as you said, but is it 4x weak against fire? It learns steel moves as well so DIK, I like it.
    Thanks again!