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    The Pokémon Trainer Academy

    Rated T

    Click here for the OOC.
    All SUs belong in the OOC thread.

    You are a young trainer who has just been accepted by the new and elite Pokémon Trainer Academy on a island close to Kanto containing pokemon from all the regions built by Professor Gary Oak to aid new trainers in the art of Pokémon.

    One day you wake up and you have received your initiation package from the school with a letter attached reading:
    Hello and Welcome to Pokémon Trainer School!

    My Name is Professor Gary Oak, principal of this school. I started this school to help beginning Trainers to understand the unique qualities and specialties of all Pokémon. From Abra to Zubat our goal is for you to learn and master everything there is to learn in the ways of a being a great Pokémon trainer. Througout your time hear you will be groomed in the ways of battling, the health of your Pokémon down to what to feed them. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here and feel accomplished by time you leave.
    Yours Truly

    Professor Oak

    Although many see the trainer school as a wonderful idea and a way of making young trainers learn Prof. Oak sees it as a way of grooming young trainers for the impending battle between trainers and the members of team rocket who have world domination on their minds.
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