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I was going to do the in-game trade of my Frostmoth for the Duraludon (just a completionist thing, since I already had a Duraludon), but decided to load to my saved game after the trade due to something I noticed while trading. The color of my Frostmoth isn't the muave/lavender wing colors like the normal sprite has, but it also doesn't have a shiny animation when I put it into battle nor does it have the Star marking in the Pokemon list.

Are there different versions of Snom and Frosmoth between the Sword and the Shield versions? I swear, I am not color-blind :)

I will try and add a screenshot later tonight, mine looks like it has greenish wings, but unlike the shiny that has green eyes, it has blue eyes. I was thinking it could be a male/female coloration?
I believe Frosmoth's wings are a bit translucent so it may be possible that the background was merely affecting the colouring.
Snom nor Frosmoth have any alternative colouring aside from their shiny forms.
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