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    Originally Posted by adrkel1503 View Post
    *list of really awesome shinies*
    Nice! They're even more impressive because they're all 5th gen, meaning you've gotten all of those in less than a year! :pink_boogie:

    I only have 6 shinies this year, but that's really good for me. I'll take whatever I can get!

    Originally Posted by Kirozane View Post
    Oh I couldn't possibly list them all. D: My total obtained by me is Over 100 and altogether about twice that.
    Congrats on the shiny Ponyta! But you've obtained over 100 by yourself!? :cer_disbelief: *in awe of Kirozane's extraordinary skills*

    Originally Posted by Druddigon View Post
    I love shinies, but don't have to much..
    I have 2 shiny Hoothoots, 1 shiny Lugia and 1 shiny UT Dialga.
    I would really appreciate it if I could join.
    Sure, welcome to the club! You have 4 more shinies than the vast majority of people! :) What are you hunting now?

    Originally Posted by Latios Master View Post
    My hunts
    Litwick: 2,160
    Gligar: 36 (done)
    Gastly: 92
    Do you have a list of all of your different hunts? You've got to be approaching a record by now, if you haven't already passed it. The best of luck to you, especially for Litwick!!

    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    I have a moral question to you shiny hunters: Is it right to go through any means neccessary to obtain shinies? (excluding trading and cheating) Personally, I believe what makes shinies special is finding one completely randomly. Not through chaining or breeding. But that's just me. What are your opinions?
    This is a pretty controversial topic, so I'll spoiler my response:

    The fun in finding a shiny, at least for me, is all about finally achieving an incredibly difficult goal; it's about reaching that elusive point for which you've searched so long. If I could get a shiny once a day, I wouldn't do it. Changing the odds to make it easier takes out the fun for me.

    A large part of shiny hunting is also the nostalgia and sense of community - I remember reading this thread over 5 years ago and being amazed at the dedication people had to go out on this crazy quest of almost certain failure. I'm going to sound really old here, but when people hunted "back in the day," we didn't have any chaining or Masuda Method! I remember spending months and months looking for a shiny on Mt. Pyre, and after 5 days of spending 12+ hours per day, I finally got my shiny Shuppet! It was my first hunted shiny and I was ecstatic - a large part of that was the hard work and dedication I put in, and I was really proud of myself for sticking with it until I finally got a shiny. It was incredibly rewarding, and the only way I can feel the same way is if I know that I got a shiny in the "original" way, which for me was 1/8192.

    That being said, I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with people getting shinies through other methods (chaining, MMing, trading, etc.), and those are all perfectly legitimate. I just love the thrill of looking for rare Pokemon in the way that I did it orignally, and that's what makes me happiest. If other people love chaining and are genuinely satisfied when they make it all the way up to a shiny patch and a 40+ chain, awesome!!! It's all about what makes you happy. Chaining isn't fulfilling for me since I'm used to getting shinies "the hard way" (although chaining takes more concentration and is actually much harder, "lol"), but if you enjoy chaining, DO IT!!! It's all about having fun, and whatever lets you be happiest when you finally get that shiny is the way to go! :)

    Originally Posted by Saerith View Post
    *awesome list of shinies*
    I love your list!! There are so many awesome shinies on there that I like, especially Chansey, Ditto, Bulbasaur, Ho-oh, Chikorita (grr!), Seel... Heck, I like all of them!

    Originally Posted by assassinjay1229 View Post
    I have exactly 200 shinies

    I don't have an intelligent response to your statement. *simply bows*
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