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    Originally Posted by G-Money View Post
    Do you have a list of all of your different hunts? You've got to be approaching a record by now, if you haven't already passed it. The best of luck to you, especially for Litwick!!
    Yes, I have a list on my computer that I use to keep track of all of my hunts. So far I've hatched 3,601 eggs on 27 different hunts. I don't know if that's a record or not. It might be with the gen 5 odds, but if you include gen 4, I doubt it. The Litwick hunt is currently at 2,175 eggs. The Gastly hunt ended at 110, so I now have every member of my competitive team hatched. I'll probably start EV training next month. My other active hunt, Skarmory, is at 66 eggs. Thanks for wishing me luck!

    I think chaining and breeding are perfectly fine ways of obtaining shinies. Hacking to get a shiny is the only method I don't agree with. I've never hatched a shiny (not including gen 2's 1/64 odds) or got one from chaining, and yet I've caught 6 shinies from random encounters, and failed to catch a 7th one.
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