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    If they don't make remakes for DS, they could easily make them for 3DS using slightly improved gen 5 engine reprogrammed for 3DS. True that it would make more sense to start 3DS with new generation, but gen 5 already broke the console pattern because of sharing the same platform with gen 4, so everything is possible now. After R/S remakes Game Freak could make completely new 3DS engine for gen 6.

    Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
    Not much because they choose old pokemon on many factors, and what past generation they are from is probably the last thing they consider if they even do it.

    I mean, for example they would put a Wingull in a game because there is locations where wild Wingulls just make sense, not because they want more gen 3 pokemon.
    Not sure about that. Almost all of gens 1 and 2 Pokemon would make the same sense to be put in each game, so Game Freak had to choose which group should be featured more in each generation. They clearly focused on gen 1 Pokemon in R/S and on gen 2 Pokemon in D/P/Pt (all Unown forms and overall amount of gen 2 Pokemon in the wild, because of their new evolutions introduced in gen 4).

    Now they put the most gen 3 Pokemon in B2/W2 pre-game. It looks like it's pattern of featuring Pokemon of each gen they plan to remake, meaning R/S remakes in gen 5.