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    Originally Posted by P0kelegend View Post
    I think the only real evidence we've got from B/W & B2W2 are the fact we can get shoal salt and I think the shoal shell too in B/W. In B2W2, I don't think there are hints towards pretty much anything other than the fact that the Pokemon World Tournament and Driftveil are plastered with emerald and green everywhere. Thats all I could get from B2W2.
    Have you played B2W2 yet? If so, you must have noticed that the new areas in B2W2 have a Hoenn feel to them. I'd say the biggest hints would be the emeralds in PWT and Driftveil, Rebirth Cave, the route before Rebirth Cave, and the New town with the water Gym. They scream Hoenn.
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