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Originally Posted by The Mega Champion View Post
In fact... in terms of RPs I've been in...

Basically NONE of the RPs I've participated in completed and were all canceled before they reached a true "end."

It's like I'm jinxed or something...
No, it's not you. I haven't seen a single RP here that has been finished... or at least, I'm pretty sure I haven't.

Originally Posted by Eeveemaster9 View Post
For your "Journey Through The Dark" rp, I suggest that there are about 4-5 rpers, BUT. They start out in a region that is the least taken over. Once they're finished there, perhaps the second could be taken back by rebelling trainers. Third, the rebels and the Team of Light would help eachother out. Final one that is completely overrun, Team Light. Perhaps?

If you have ever read the third book in the Hunger Games, it would work like that.

Spoiler for the book:


The region which is completely taken over, would be the final objective. Think of it as The Capitol. There, it will turn into a sort of 'Spy' rp, as you gather up the remaining trainers, form an army, and break into the main base.
I-I didn't think of that... that just might work...
That would probably mean we'd only completely travel two regions, so which two would you (peoplez in general) like to travel?
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