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Originally Posted by The Mega Champion View Post
I WANT to participate in an RP...

Especially since I've been really bored...


I'm kind of picky when it comes to RP's...

I don't like starting from scratch and being FORCED to pick starters. That's just... no. Just no.

Also... I've been saving one of my RP characters to use that has been unable to stay for a fully completed RP.

In fact... in terms of RPs I've been in...

Basically NONE of the RPs I've participated in completed and were all canceled before they reached a true "end."

It's like I'm jinxed or something...

Well if you join mine when it goes up, If you're willing to keep posting, i'm willing to stay to the end d:

Originally Posted by Nakuzami View Post

No, it's not you. I haven't seen a single RP here that has been finished... or at least, I'm pretty sure I haven't.
I've been in ones that has finished and sequel'd. The uprising! (i'm not in it anymore though)