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    Name: Cian ("Key-in ". Comes from the Gaelic word for Ancient, a reference to the Pokemon Types he prefers.)
    Nickname: Key
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Cian is an 18 year old male, standing at 6 feet tall, and weighing 140 pounds. Cian has a very lazy posture, as he tends to lean forward and look down. He has dark brown hair that is often confused to be black, and Heterochromia irises: left is blue and the right is brown. His resting expression is a neutral frown. His clothing is just a pair of ragged black jeans, a black leather Belt, and a black T-Shirt with a single Ultra ball emblem on the top right Pectoral. His black collard jacket has red shoulder marks with a Gengar Silhouette. He has a wide range of emotions, but refuses to display them openly, choosing to remain neutral. He has a tattoo of a Haunter's Claw that reaches up the back of his neck.

    Team (Pokemon, abilities, moves):

    Savant, a male Gengar (Speech-capable through Telepathy)
    Ability: Levitate, Shadow Hopping (His Shadow movement thing that is noteworthy for story purposes) and Speech by Telepathy (Proven because 1. A canon gastly has gained speech,2. A canon Gengar has gained speech and 3. have proven they can use telepathy to communicate)
    Moves: Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Nightmare

    Phasma Rex (Shortened as Rex) the Cohagrigus, male
    Ability: Mummy
    Moves: Toxic, Shadow Ball, Iron Defense, Night Shade

    Acacia the Hydreigon, Female
    Abilities: Levitate
    Moves: Hyper Voice, Dragon Rush, Fire Fang, Surf

    Valiant, the genderless Golurk
    Abilities: Iron fist
    Moves: Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Ice Punch, Shadow Ball

    Vigil the Sableye, Male
    Ability: Stall
    Moves: Shadow Sneak, Taunt, Will-o-Wisp, Recover.

    Empty for now.

    A summary of how they spent their preparation day: As Cian woke up that morning, he thought back to the events. He knew he couldn't stay in one place, but that was expected. It wasn't a tournament, but a systematic elimination of your competition. It lacked any thought or planning. It left all the control to the more aggressive trainers and none to the less aggressive... Most trainers would be constantly searching for another trainer to eliminate. They would only be concerned with saving their own pokemon, not helping the others. He sighed into his palm as he thought hard on a solution. This, Key, is troublesome...

    Other useful info: Savant was Cian's first Pokemon which was given to him by his uncle when he was Ten. Next was Acacia, who started as an egg, and hatched into a clumsy little Deino. The egg was given to him by his late father who bought it from a Pokemon breeder. The rest were captured. Cian has a special relationship with his Gengar, as more than a Trainer and Pokemon, but more of old friends. Savant, having learned to use his Telepathy to communicate with Cian, acts as a buffer for ideas and tactics, and makes a decent sounding board. Acacia on the other hand, is a raging inferno of animosity that could attack anything in her sight. She tends to want to be closer Cian, but her species behavior makes it hard for her to be a... Compassionate creature. She listens to Cian's Commands without question.

    Cian has a 14 year old Brother named Ruari.

    Both of his Parents are incarcerated for having Team Rocket connections. Cian refuses to speak with them.

    Cian's tattoo on his neck is a sore subject, and when it is mentioned, he tends to pull the collar of his jacket higher to block any staring.

    Cian is a calm and collected figure. He usually will not speak unless spoken directly to, prefering to listen to everything around him. Cian takes pride in his pokemon and considers them to be his family. He has seen the darker aspects of life, and tends to shy away from large company of people.

    He has a soft spot for children and usually puts himself into a mentor role to ones he likes(Ie: are not obnoxious). He's beaten all the Gyms in Unova, but doesn't want to face the Elite Four, Which may stem from being overly cautious.

    One who knows him well enough would begin to pick up the pattern of tells that indicate when he is Nervous, Annoyed, or Confused.
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