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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post

Map Name: Taupe Desert
Game: FireRed
Comments: It's connected to two separate maps, one to the left at the top and one to the left at the bottom. The PC is there as an event in the next map involves quite a lot of battling, and the last PC was on the other side of the cave that you exit to get into this map. So yeah :P
It does look nice and empty for a desert. But your darker sand patches are very straight, and blocky. Same with your mountains -- they are very unnatural. If you're going Gamefreak style, then the mountains are fine. However the big blocks of darker sand, especially south of the PokeCenter, and south of the cave, look pretty bad.

Also, you have a couple one tile pathways neat the map's center. This is fine every once in a while for a forest, I think, but not really for a desert.

Not bad, though. Deserts are tough to make interesting, so I'd say 7-8/10.

Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post

Map name: Marble Town
Game: Pokemon Ceil
Credits: Seiyouh
Comments: First Town. You come out of the cave, jump down the ledge, BAM no way back. Ignore the tree errors.

B]Map name:[/B] Route 1
Game: Pokemon Ceil
Credits: Seiyouh
Comments: First Route yay. Ignore the tree errors.
Marble Town:
First off let me say: The ledge that the player is forced to leap is bad. The concept is the biggest issue. Forcing the player to do this to continue sort of makes you, the designer, look bad. There's no reason to jump off other than your sadistic cruelty. NOW, the same idea can be used, but I suggest writing a script so that the cave entrance collapses after the player exits. This provides the player with closure -- the cave is destroyed, not unreachable.

Also, it's hard to explain. The best example I can give is Portal's Companion Cube. The player is forced to get rid of it. They must destroy it to continue. If the Companion Cube was just taken, then the player wouldn't have that "burden". It's kind of a tricky concept, but pretty much you don't want to blatantly force your player to abandon things like that.

(Yes, that one ledge is THAT big a deal >_>)

Besides that, the buildings look kind of tiny. And I'm not a fan of the skinny trees in Gen III. There's also a large amount of flowers. But the rest looks pretty decent. 6/10

Route 1:
Looks like Route 101, except for the mountains. Speaking of those, they look kind of funny -- maybe it's just the tiles, though, so I won't critique them.

A dead end is usually never a good idea in a Route.

There's a large, empty space with four trees in the middle. This is bad because normally on Route 1 the player is forced to walk through at least 12 tiles of grass. You have a minimum of 8. Plus it looks like you got lazy, honestly.


Overall, I want to say I like your flowers, trees, and sand tiles. The stairs look out of place. Don't think I'm just bias, either. You just never rate my maps ;D