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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    N's history said he was born in a small town. His Parents and everyone in the town did not like him and viewed him as a monster because he could speak to Pokemon. This led his parents to abandoning him in the wild where he was later found by Ghetsis who used N's power for his own personal gain.

    There was no error in translation. N has never been treated as a human. Everyone around him saw him as a monster. His parents were both human based on the information given by his history. They were humans living in the village that abandoned him and scorned him for his ability to speak with Pokemon. Anthea and Concordia are the only people to see N as a human and not some strange extraterrestrial who can speak with Pokemon. They weren't freaked out by it.

    Its the same story that was used for the Children of Viridian Forest in the Manga. Giovanni and Lance both went through hard times and were seen as monsters because of their powers. Giovanni eventually gave up and lost his powers while Lance (who in the manga actually had a lot in common with N as Lance wanted to destroy the known world so Pokemon could live peacefully).

    N's history says that he is human but was never treated as such because of his powers. People with Birth defects in our world are treated the same. People that don't fit in with society or have odd occurrences happening to them aren't ever viewed as humans either. You can even push as far as X-men "special power haters" where is you had any ability that wasn't within normal human parameters you weren't human in any way, shape, or form according to society.
    Like I said, the dialogue were this is stated isn't very detailed. And his parents aren't mentioned neither is anything about a village. Unless I'm missing something and it was stated elsewhere.
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