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Originally Posted by Went View Post
@BlahisSuck: I'm personally glad a part of the country got out of a tyrannical dictatorship and got to enjoy freedom. Peace at the cost of slavery is not worth it.

This also proves how the key to turning corrupt regimes into democracies is not as much the Americans opening war against the State but them throwing money in return for milestones- free elections, free markets, etc. The carrot is much more successful than the bomb.
One of my main arguments was that there wouldn't have been a tyrannical dictatorship had there not been a division. The military would not achieve the relevance it has without a war and the South, and while the government may still be authoritarian, life in Korea wouldn't be terrible. You can compare it to China and Vietnam today - fast growing economies without democracy, but a rising quality of life and relative freedom for the majority. It certainly wouldn't be slavery if you take that to be what North Korea is today - because it wouldn't be North Korea, and I don't know if you'd describe life in China as slavery.

And you say "got to enjoy freedom" like it's nothing but the Korean people worked for it after decades of coups after one another, dictators after one another, repression and martial law. It took over 40 years for the South Koreans to achieve democracy as they practice it today. I'm not sure what you mean by slavery, but the South Koreans did not enjoy American-style rights and freedoms until 1987. Human rights awareness in the national consciousness didn't kick in until 1992. Democracy is a process, not a mere entitlement but something that is earned. It isn't so simple as leaving a dictatorship and establishing democracy like a 1-2 process.

It's easy to bash "slavery" when we live in North America, because we live in so much wealth and when a poor standard of living is caused by less rights and freedoms than more of it. In developing Asian countries, even an authoritarian government can ensure rising incomes and lowering poverty instead of causing it. Peace - material security is a priority in many areas of the world less developed than ours, so I feel it is an oversimplification to make the description "peace at the cost of slavery".
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