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    Originally Posted by .hack View Post
    How do you obtain HMFly in PMD1
    Well first you need the Friend Area called Dragon Cave.
    It unlocks a certain dungeon called Wyvern Hill.
    Fly is in the chamber on the 30th floor.. you need a key for it obviously.

    You can find keys for chambers scattered on the ground in Solar Cave. :3

    Originally Posted by Lil MuDkiP849 View Post
    UGH great...well there are deffinately ways to purify them quick right? like with the scents n stuff like in colosseum? why couldnt there have been a move tutor for it X-X

    The only legit way to obtain the Time Flute in XD is by obtaining it in a trade.
    For instance putting the Time Flute on a Colosseum Pokemon and trading that Pokemon to a GBA Pokemon game.
    Then trading that Pokemon from the GBA to XD.