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    Originally Posted by The Red Chain View Post

    The only legit way to obtain the Time Flute in XD is by obtaining it in a trade.
    For instance putting the Time Flute on a Colosseum Pokemon and trading that Pokemon to a GBA Pokemon game.
    Then trading that Pokemon from the GBA to XD.

    Oh okay well that definately makes it alot better, i mean i dont really have a problem with soft resetting for the exclusive awesome moves with natures and IVs for them(even though it takes awhile, im committed and thats why i have NP) and stuff like that like check out the togepi i soft resetted for-

    Timid, Serene Grace with Tri Attack, IVs- 15-18/20-23/29-31/28-31/30-31/15-17

    Speed is decent but hey it works for me, i think it's pretty godlike honestly and compared towards exactly just HOW LONG ive been soft resetting for it (i think about...4 days in that outskirt stand lol) not only that, but i had to battle willie before going to buy scents to see it's nature so it was pretty long, at willie made it more enjoyable with the ol' colosseum music since i think the music in XD is kinda lame

    Besides that, i've also managed to soft reset the larvitar and meditite that duking gives you for trades(still working on shuckle), i know you can get them more easily nowadays, but i wanted them to be breedable, good IV'd guys and i pulled it off =)

    Originally Posted by sirboulevard View Post
    I have a truly aesthetic question about PBR. Do the custom PokeBalls from HGSS show up in 3D in it if you have a pokemon caught in one ie. a Fast Ball.
    I would also like to know about this =)